Client Diaries… Jess & Brad: Chapter One

I love chapter one…

Chapter one in my world means the start of a new client project…

and this one is going to be FANTASTIC!

I’m not kidding…


Let me get you up to speed…


Urban Farm Fresh post at



We met Jessica & Brad earlier in the summer…

They are a great couple full of creative ideas.

I knew right away they were going to be fun to work with.

In fact, I did a post on their intriguing gallery.

Now, you need to have a little piece of the puzzle to get the whole picture here…



Living room



Jess & Brad lead incredibly busy lives…

Not only do they have a gallery to run…

Other work takes them all over…

Notice anything interesting about the pic I snapped at my first consult???

Sorry it is blurry… I was distracted…






Ok, now I must say, it isn’t every day you go to a clients home for a consult and see an Emmy on the mantel… 

Now you can see why they are so busy…

Brad is a director, producer… the list goes on and on.

He produced Hawaii Five-O and 24 ( I know it would be much cooler of me to be all casual about it but the truth is, I can’t be cool… it is just too fab!)

Jessica is also full of the creative smarts… She is an executive director and the force behind Urban Farm Media & Design an award winning production company. 

Trying to keep up with where they are at any point in time is exhausting me…

The truth is, I don’t know how they do it! 


Now to their project:

They wanted some BIG changes at their cottage so we talked about all their ideas…  

They love art, colour and an eclectic mix of styles…

My kind of project!

I got to work designing away!

I presented my concept and they loved it…

Now here is where it gets interesting with Jess & Brad…

I told you earlier that they travel a lot…

Well, the day I had them over to sign the paperwork… they left!

Right after signing, they packed up and left handing us the keys and the project…

This series is going to be very unique…

Jess & Brad have graciously agreed to let me blog about the whole process.

You will be part of it all as it is happening!

For the first time Kent and I will be blogging in real time about a client project.

We will show you all the steps we go through to make it all come together. 

Client Diaries… Jess & Brad

If we get very lucky, Jess may pop in from time to time to share her thoughts by leaving us comments…

Won’t it be fun to hear what she thinks as we go along!

Later this week I will share the before photos of each room we will be working on and give you the 411 about our plans.

Kent has started the demo so there will be lots to show you!

We already found a few … surprises!!!

What do you think?

Are you intrigued???

I know I am!

If you like the idea for the series please give me a hand promoting it by pinning the graphic and “liking” on FB… Thank you so very much, I appreciate it!!



  1. Sounds like great fun, I love a good remodeling project~now I get to watch without the mess! Can’t wait!

  2. I can’t wait to read more!

  3. The project sounds exciting – can’t wait to see more!

  4. Great project! Love me some Hawaii-50 and 24. Maybe you can convince him to bring back 24 and do a cross over episode with Hawaii-50. For science.

  5. Soooo fun!! Excited to follow along on this adventure!

  6. I think it would be cool to put each of the awards in it’s own shadowbox on the wall.

  7. How exciting! I can’t wait to follow along!

  8. I cannot wait to see what you do! I’m sure it will be amazing. :)

  9. What a fun idea! Can’t wait to see the design as it progresses! I’m sure it will look beautiful!

  10. Exciting! Can’t wait to follow thru this series!

  11. What a very exciting project! Can’t wait to see how the cottage shapes up!

  12. Wow! Very exciting, Cynthia! Can’t wait to watch the progress!

  13. Dianne Gingrich says:

    Wow, this is exciting. Looking forward to following you during this amazing project.

  14. Nothing is as exciting as doing a creative project with/for creative people.

  15. So exciting Cynthia! It’s going to be a wonderful series and I’m really looking forward to it!!

  16. What an awesome, fabulous, coolio project ~ thanks so much for letting ‘us’ follow along. I can hardly wait to see the progress.

  17. So exciting – I bet not many designers can say they decorated around an Emmy!

  18. What an exciting project! I will be eagerly following along. Their cottage is darling! They chose the best designer for the job – that’s for sure! :)

  19. Hello from the Toronto International Film Festival! I’m here with a film titled METALHEAD, an Icelandic drama having its world premiere at TIFF! It’s been an interesting (and busy) time for Brad and I, but of all the stresses we have – believe it or not, this renovation is not on the list!

    We met Cynthia and Kent thru a client referral. A lovely couple with a cottage in Bayfield purchased a painting from our gallery and as is customary in our summer town, they invited us over for drinks to celebrate… please note: anything can be deemed a cause to celebrate when you’re in a beautiful, sleepy lake town. When we walked into their home, it just felt ‘right’. I don’t have more words than that, but hopefully you understand what I’m saying.
    Knowing they were busy people too, we asked them how they had time to do such a spectacular job and mix amazing cocktails! Fortunately after a few rounds they shared their ‘secret weapons’!

    C & K really spent time with us before we left and while the big ticket items in the reno we have signed off on, there are some details that I am excited to let go of and trust the professionals! So, I guess, I’ll be just as anxious to read the progress on this blog too!

    • Hi Jess!
      So glad to hear about all your success with the TIFF premiere!!
      I am glad you aren’t stressing about the reno… let me do that for you 😉 We are very excited about your project and the unique way we can share it with you and our readers via the blog series! I know everyone will be anxiously awaiting your comments as we go along.
      The lovely couple that referred us to Jess and Brad are Bill & Cathy… if you are curious what we did in their cottage… here is the link! We are so blessed to have many clients turn into treasured friends… Bill and Cathy have become just that… Treasured friends and a stellar promotional team it seems!!

  20. Soooo, the big question I want to know is…did you pick it up and pretend to accept the award for best actress???

  21. Okay, every time I think this just can’t get better, BAM you do it again! I can NOT wait to follow along, love the idea of blogging as you go! Good luck, (you won’t need it) and have a blast!!! xo

  22. Very intrigued…I hope you put in lots of details. I will be following!

  23. This is so exciting! I will be following along every inch of the way. I am picturing Kent with a big hammer in his hand, but the space is already so beautiful! You and Kent are such a fantastic team, I can’t wait to see what you do!


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