Client Diaries… Jess & Brad: Demo Daze…

Well… It has begun! The demo that is.


Today is post # 3 in our series Client Diaries… Jess & Brad.

 For post one  where I give an intro to our clients and the series and two where I share the plan for the cottage… give a click and play catch up!


Now, I need to make an introduction…

This is Woody…


Woody… crew forman on Client Diaries Reno


He is a beautiful carving from Nova Scotia artist John Neville

Woody’s usual place of honour is in the entranceway but for the reno… he needed to find a new home.

We put him in the living room where he watched over the progress…

but Woody has an attitude problem…

He is mouthy and a big complainer, I suppose it makes sense, we are invading his space…

The truth is…

Woody  kind of freaks me out.

He stares…


Woody is having a time out for the duration of the reno, this way he will be surprised by the ‘Big Reveal”!! 


my assistant Woody...helping me chose fabrics



He is a peeker though, I caught him looking when I was checking out this fantastic Johnathan Adler fabric swatch… 

I am most definitely going to have to keep an eye on him. 

Now back to the DEMO!

I love this part of a project… when things are just getting going, we are highly motivated, full of energy and can’t wait to see what we will find.

Well, this cottage is not letting us down!

We found some interesting things this week!

Do you remember that entrance?

Entrance Before


Kent texted me from the cottage and said… ” you won’t believe what was under that crappy carpet”  

Now,  I don’t need to tell you this part but it is what happened …

I hopped on my bike ( yes, I know it is a little bit Anne of Green Gablesish, but we live in a small village and our house is about a five minute bike ride away from the cottage … and I am very focused on exercise… laugh away, if you know me you will understand that is funny! anyway… I biked over )

 This is what I saw when I got there…

Kent beaming from ear to ear and  pointing to the recently uncovered painted pine floorboards!!!!


exposed painted pine floorboards


I did a happy dance… yes, I did and I don’t mind saying it one little bit!

I was over the moon…

I heard a choir singing…

Oh, I can’t wait to show you what we are going to do with them!

The next little surprise came when we started gutting the upstairs bathroom…



Bathroom before reno...




photo 2


The washer and dryer are going to stay but the not so beautiful hanging cupboard…  most definitely not staying…

Kent was a bit surprised what was behind it…

  you never know what you will find behind a cupboard...


Very pretty don’t you think?

It is at times like these when I get a reminder of my handsome husbands truly stunning vocabulary…

The rest of the bathroom demo went quite well.


upstairs bathroom gutted


The vanity was in good shape so we took it to the Habitat Restore with all the other reusable fixtures and appliances.


Bathroom Before



reboarding wall after changing one sink into two.


That mirror is waiting to come out… I want to salvage it but for some unknown reason instead of just the mounting clips holding it in place… it seems to be completely glued to the wall. 

The single sink that had been in this room will be replaced by two side by side pedestal sinks.

This meant that we needed to open up the wall and have a plumber come in to change the fittings.

That has been done and now Kent can close the wall back in and start putting things back together.

It will be stunning!  I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the wall around the claw foot tub…

Now, If only we can get that mirror off without breaking it… 

Have no fear… I didn’t forget the kitchen!


Kitchen Before  

Kitchen Before reno...


The flooring came up well during demo and the counters… no problem!  

The backsplash was a different story… The tiles had become one with the plaster wall and decided they would rather stay married.

So, we let them and are replacing with new cement board which will be far better for the new tile.

Sometimes a fresh start is best!


Kitchen gut  

 I hope Jess doesn’t panic when she sees this pic… hang in Jess!!

  reno in progress Client Diaries Jess & Bradd

Well, it looks a bit better!

A full coat of that beautiful pink sealant will come next.

This renovation will be in full swing now that the demo is done.

Next week I am part of a Fall Home Tour.

It will showcase 25 homes all decorated for Fall…. Hoop Top House is up on Wednesday so pop back and have a look.


Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Have a fantastic weekend!




  1. Love that pine floor – what a treat!

  2. This looks like so much FUN! Love the whole “they’re not going to prom like that”! And…woowee, that fabric is GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see it in action.

  3. Woody looks like he’s peeing in the corner! Let the demo begin!

  4. its gonna look great

  5. Oh the things demo reveals – good and bad! I do like Woody! He has character.

  6. Woody is adorable, and this house is going to be gorgeous when it is done!

  7. Some interesting surprises you have found! That wood floor is going to be gorgeous.

  8. Dianne Gingrich says:


    Looks like your in for a fun and hardworking Reno. Can’t wait to see the final reveal! Watch that little Woody!

  9. Cynthia, I am loving this series and I have to tell you, you made my morning completely with Woody on time-out! :) I’ll have that image in my mind all day! I just know this house is going to be simply stunning and thanks for letting us ride along on your shoulder for the whole thing! :) Happy first day of Autumn!

  10. Oh wow, that’s going to look great when you’re through with that home!

  11. Cynthia and Kent,

    Brad and I apologize for our unruly housemate, Woody. Be careful, he also likes to ‘scare people’ with his statuesque posture. Which is why he’s usually by the front door. An added security feature. In my experience, if you want him to be a bit more friendly, I would advise taking the rope off of his neck. That might be throwing him a bit. Unless your just that kind of boss in which case – do your thing because the house is looking great! :)

    I love the Jonathan Adler fabric. It’s got so much pizazz! Definitely a keeper.

    I can’t believe how much has been done since we’ve been gone. Are you excited to see us next weekend? We’re pretty excited to come home and live amongst your raw talent… And we’ll have to go over to The Turner Gallery and take a look at our auction finds to see if you approve of any of the new goodies?!?

    Have a great weekend!

    Jess (Not Brad… he’s fishing with his Bayfield buddies at Key River)

    • Hi Jess,
      Thanks for the tip for dealing with Woody… I will keep it in mind!
      I love that fabric too! It is stunning playing off your beautiful art and I think I have the perfect place to show it off!
      We are very excited to see you next weekend… So much to show you and talk about!

  12. Lots of surprises! Yikes!

  13. You too Kent!!

  14. Holy moly!!! You guys really have your hands full. I love Woody, tell him to knock it off or Red will put him in his place. I can’t believe the floors. AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see more. Keep at it girl!!

  15. Exciting, following along! Can’t wait to see the transformation!

  16. I love that fabric… AndnI can’t believe you found the floorboards underneath the carpet. That is great! Did you really ride your bike? That is so cute!!


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