DIY Numbered Staircase…

Sometimes it is fun to take on a little project on a whim…

Don’t you think!?!

This weekend I decided to stencil numbers on my basement staircase.

They were boring!

Even Emmitt thought they needed a boost…

My assistant Emmitt helping stencil numbers on the staircase


Our upstairs staircase is more formal with a gallery wall and pretty white railings.


Fall at Hoop Top House

 The basement stairs are more pedestrian with a dark handrail and the same dark stain.

I had purchased a set of 5″ Alphabet stencils from a company I found online called Yankee Stencil Co for the Client Diaries floor compass project.

finished compass for Client Diaries; Jess & Brad

 It turned out beautifully and I was anxious to try another project with them…

Several wonderful Numbered Staircases  had caught my eye on Pinterest so, it seemed like a good idea to give it a try!

If you are looking for Alphabet stencils I can recommend Yankee Stencil Co.  ( I have not been compensated for this post I was just really pleased with them )

They have a wonderful selection and I had a lot of fun deciding on what font style to buy.

I ended up with Font Style #94.

Yankee Alphabet Stencil Fonts

You can see here the website page that shows Style #94

Spoiler alert…

As you can see I added a photo of the finished steps  to show that the results you will get are in fact a very good match to the example they show online.

You can order the sets in various sizes.

I ordered the two inch and the five inch set.

The five inch are what I used for this project.

easy as 1,2,3… how to stencil numbers on a staircase

I started by measuring the stairs to find a centre point.

Then I Started with the 3 and worked my way down to 1.

I did not use a stencil brush, instead I used a small artists brush.

I kept the brush quite dry and just slowly dabbed the paint onto the area. I find it is best to hold the sides of the stencil down while you work. This keeps excess paint from getting under the stencil and smudging.

You can buy stencil spray adhesive… As you can see, I did not go that route!

I am by nature a risk taker when it comes to painting.

I also don’t use painters tape and have been known to paint in good clothes…

Please don’t judge me, we are all friends here n’est-ce pas?

Numbered Stairs

I think they are fun although at this point I must admit that second flight of stairs looked much longer than when I started. :)

DIY numbered staircase… half done!

I finished up to #9 and then I began to centre the two numbers on the centre point so they looked even.

I decided to do all the #1’s up to the top to get them as straight as I could.

It did make it much easier to line up the second numbers.

I had a bit of a panic when I thought I was going to end up with #13 at the top step…

It seemed somehow “Unlucky” but, I had miscounted and all was right with the world!

Tutorial for DIY Numbered Staircase

Numbered Staircase project using Alphabet Stencils from Yankee Stencils

It was then time for final inspection…

Emmitt inspects the finished stenciled numbers on the basement staircase…

He likes them!

I hope you do as well!

Before and after numbered staircase DIY project

From start to finish this numbered staircase project took me 2 hours.

That included cutting the stencils ( they come in a long strip ) , measuring, painting, clean up and taking photos.

Writing the post and photo editing… not included!!!!

I hope you did something whimsical this weekend… and I hope you had as much fun doing it as I did! :)


I am sharing this project over at: Inspire Me Monday


  1. If I had not carpeted my stairs I would totally do this…I love it! I would love to have you join me for my Centerpiece Wednesday linky party and share this post with us. Come on over 

  2. Love that idea Cynthia!

  3. Great job! They turned out great. I totally have the numbers song from Sesame Street in my head now….

  4. Love those! They turned out great. :)

  5. Love this, Cynthia! The white freshens it up and your numbers look perfect!

  6. Love how this turned out, the pup is so cute!!!

  7. Dianne G says:

    Love your numbered stairs.
    Emmitts impressed too.

  8. I love the stenciled stairs. It’s just beautiful. I can’t believe you not only have 1 but 2 beautiful stair cases. I’m a little jealous! 😉

  9. What a fun project! I love that this is something fairly quick, too.

  10. WOW! those stairs turned out amazing…and that dog? Such a great touch. He’s adorable! 😉

  11. It’s a really fun project Cynthia. Love how it turned out, and love your dog photobombing the shots :)

  12. Omigosh! I NEED that stencil for my laundry floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your stairs, the numbering is perfect.

    Great job Cynthia! as always!

  13. You did a great job on this project, and I love the font you chose! Thanks for sharing the link… and yes, I sometimes paint in good clothes! You are not alone, but shhhhh, let’s not tell the Mister or the kids!! 😉

  14. I love love numbered stairs! Yours look so classy!

  15. My son would love that! What a cute idea

  16. LOL, I love Emmitt! So adorable! The stairs look amazing, what a difference! It brightens the whole stair case! I am a total risk taker, if the mood strikes I usually don’t realize that my good clothes are even on until the inevitable drip happens… have I learned, NOPE! :) Pinning!

  17. wow that looks so elegant, great job!

  18. I love how it turned out! So pretty. And I’m a painting risk taker too 😉 So funny.

  19. I love this and you made it look so easy to do. I have to admit I like the compass stencil too. I have 31 stairs in my home from top to bottom but they are carpeted. It is the only area that has installed carpet too. Maybe in my next home! Love it! ~Thea

  20. I LOVE this idea!

  21. Those numbered stairs look great Cynthia, nice job!

  22. I love them! And, I need to adopt Emmit. He is so cute!

  23. They look PERFECT C.! I am actually ordering stencils tonight so this came @ a perfect time. Emmitt…I love you, honey! Isn’t Mama good!! Pinning! I’ll also share tomorrow!


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