Looking for unique placecards…

 I went a bit crazy with Magnolia this year…

It is so beautiful! Anyway, I will be posting my living room photos soon.

Today I thought I would show a few pics from a dinner party we had over the weekend.

Magnolia played a part in it too!

You can see a glimpse of my living room in the mirror reflection.

I used magnolia and peacock feathers to top all of the mirrors in the living room and to add to the tree…

But I digress.

In the dining room, I gift wrapped the table with some rich dark orangey brown silk, then I added a runner of printed fabric.

I had a two yard remnant of silk. I just taped it down from underneath so the scalloped  detail on the table could still be seen.

The placecards were giving me a problem… I didn’t want to just write them out on cardstock so I used magnolia leaves.


Cute don’t you think?


My goblets are collected and mismatched… The silver is vintage Birks from an antique dealer friend of ours and the china is our wedding set, Wedgewood Strawberry & Vine is the pattern, timeless I think and a choice I have never regretted.

A spalted maple candle made by Kent surrounded by pine and magnolia made a nice side vignette and looked beautiful lit during the dinner… Please don’t leave any candle unattended. I know you  know that but I had to say it, my mother taught me well!

The arrangement will go onto the table after the dinner party  and be a focal point for my holiday decor.

Another vignette with child size furniture… I am a bit obsessed.

Here is another one in case you didn’t believe me.

The evening was moody and candlelit.

It was wonderful to spend time with good friends!

And the food… it was great, Kent cooked!  Say no more!

Now… what to do with a stained silk remnant after a dinner party you ask?

I ripped it into strips.

Then used my shabby roses technique again ( I love how easy it is) see the tutorial here if you missed it.

They added just the right touch to my gift wrapping.


 Then I used some of the strips as bows on my tree.


If you are looking for an image to pin with some of these ideas all together…

Here you go!!

Pin away!

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  1. Loving the leaves as placecards…FABULOUS!

  2. Cynthia, this is just gorgeous!!! Thrilled to see this AND share it! Have a good day, busy lady!

  3. Oh I love the little magnolia leaf place cards! So cute.

  4. Love the presentations,especailly the doll chair pictures and also the caution about not leaving candles unattended. Mom taught you well, about many things-
    love Dad

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