Antique Crib makes Charming Herb Garden…

Sometimes, simple ideas are the best don’t you think…

Last week we were sitting out on the patio talking about wanting an herb garden…

We bandied about different places to have it and design ideas…

Then I had a thought! 


What about that old crib?!?



Old crib…


I found it at a yard sale a few years ago and thought it was adorable…

It has been a bench in the bunkie and was really cute there… but I wanted to see it more.

Kent agreed that it would be fun so he made a box for it and painted it up…

Antique crib turned Herb Garden




box for herb garden

I wanted it rustic because the crib is rusty and worn…

We lined it with plastic and set it in place…

We had chives coming up all over the place so we started with them…

Basil, rosemary and sage rounded it out nicely…


Herb garden from antique crib




antique crib for hreb box



I think it is perfect for our eclectic style…


Antique crib turned Herb Garden  2



I love the detail of the ironwork…

The sides still work so we can have them up or down…


detail of antique crib turned herb garden




crib turned herb garden


What do you think?

Charming or Cheesy?!? 

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  1. Julie Vozobule says:

    I love it, what a great find. It is charming that’s for sure.

  2. What a great idea! I just popped over from Brooke Kroegers place to see your garden,I know I am late for the Tuesday party but I would love it if you would visit me too!

  3. Love you for linking up – ditto what Cindy said!! xoxo

  4. Hi Cynthia! Of course, I already told you how much I love this, but thank you SO much for sharing at our Best of the Weekend party! Will be sharing to our party board, too. Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  5. Such a cool idea! Found you through Blogtalk…and am pinning this inventive idea. :)

  6. Oh my gosh charming for sure! I love growing herbs where it’s easy to get to them…this is perfect!

  7. This is sooooo charming! When the little herbs grow up they will fill in that whole little crib! Very clever and cute!

  8. So cute! Now I’ll be on the lookout for an old crib like this…never seen one like this either!

  9. What a cool crib! I’ve never seen one like that before, great repurpose!

  10. I think that it is a really lovely transformation idea!! ciao, sofia

  11. VERY cute – I love it! And I’ll bet nobody else has one!! xoxo

  12. Oh I think it is adorable!!!

  13. Definitely charming. It has so much personality!!

  14. Sharing on FB today…by the way…my tomato dresser is a flop! lol

  15. My kind of planter – so fun!

  16. This is absolutely brilliant!! I am surrounded by wildlife and poor soil, so this would be a perfect solution for me! I’ve got to get my hands on a crib now!!

  17. Cynthia, I love unusual things in the garden and this is wonderful! Such a good idea to have herbs easy to get access. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  18. This is so cute Cynthia…I just LOVE it. Boy that wheel never stops turning does it? I have a dresser I am using for a tomato garden, but this…HA! Blows it out of the soil! :)

  19. Dianne Gingrich says:

    Ahh, that’s very charming and suits you guys.What a great way to get more use out of it. Those herbs look very tasty.


  20. Very charming, just like you! Actually you nailed it, your eclectic style and that crib fit perfectly! But if you EVER want to part with that crib, I would give it a lovely home!!! Enjoy all of the wonderful herbs that this will yield! xo

    ~ Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.

  21. So charming!! I think that is a perfect way to use it!

  22. Definitely charming! I love it when this type of inspiration strikes! Enjoy your new herb garden. That reminds me…I need some basil plants…thanks!


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