Creating A Meaningful Home…

Isn’t that a wonderful idea?  


How does one create a meaningful home?


        I gave that question some serious thought in preparation for my guest post over at SAS Interiors today.

Jenna has fantastic ideas, her blog is always a wonderful read…

and speaking of great ideas, she had one to share a summer series on the subject Creating a Meaningful Home.

She invited a whole host of fantastic bloggers to share what creating a meaningful home means to them…

Today is my turn to give it a whirl!

I am so excited…

So, pop over and see what I came up with and while you are there have a look around Jenna’s beautiful blog…

I know you will want to add it to your list of great places to be inspired!

The Wisteria at Hoop Top House

As I mentioned… there are a whole list of fab bloggers involved…and as always Jenna thought of an easy way for you to see them all in one place ( she is so clever!) …here is the link to see all the gals who contributed





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