17 May

Antique Windows and Cobblestone Pathways add Eclectic Charm to the gardens at Hoop Top House…

quilts airing cynthiaweber.com

Oh… We have been busy!

hanging basket cynthiaweber.com


Kent and I set a few outdoor project goals for ourselves and have been frantically trying to complete them in time for the Victoria Day long weekend which is this weekend here in Canada.

You may not know this about us… but when we take something on we tend to dive in and swim until it is done… then we crash and say why did we push so hard… and then we do it all over again with another project!

This latest round of sweat equity began as an idea after buying some antique windows…


antique windows for backyard project


They  were so beautiful but needed a new lease on life.

We decided they would be fantastic framed into an unfinished space off the back of our garage.


backyard before adding antique windows cynthiaweber.com


You can see here the area I am talking about.  

It is great for covered storage for wood or a place to put the BBQ when it is raining…

But it wasn’t functioning the way we needed it to.

Kent wanted to add two more hoop top gates and a fence to make it more private, sheltered and also act as a run for the dogs.

We set to work!


new wall of antique windows framed in cynthiaweber.com




antique windows framed in cynthiaweber.com


This is what we came up with…

The  two new gates match the one at the front of the house and the antique windows add character and interest.

A hoop top window went in the middle section and two rectangle windows on either side framed things up well.


antique windows built in and painted cynthiaweber.com


After it was all painted out we got on to phase two…

There is always a “Phase Two!”

The cobbles!!

Kent and I laid over 3000 sq. ft. of cobble stones ourselves a few years back when we built Hoop Top House.




It was a lot of work but we love how it turned out. 

The problem was… we ran out of cobbles and patience so we left the area under the overhang unfinished… 


old world granite cobbles cynthiaweber.com


I knew it was time to get to work when these were delivered …


cobblestones cynthiaweber.com


They look innocent and cute sitting there in their bags…

but I can assure you after a few wheelbarrows full they start to lose some of their charm!


pathway at Hoop Top House cynthiaweber.com


 We started with a new pathway from the patio through the garden.

Then we cleared and levelled the area under the overhang…


ready for cobblestones cynthiaweber.com





cobles finished under overhang cynthiaweber.com





canoe hung at Hoop Top House cynthiaweber.com



I love how it turned out… So much better than before.



backyard at Hoop Top House cynthiaweber.com


 The backyard gardens are waking up…

I love this time of year, the air is sweet and fresh…

Perfect for airing out some quilts…


quilts airing cynthiaweber.com


These are three of my favourites…

The colours are so pretty and the piecing on the one closest to the garage is incredible…

Tiny little pieces with neat as a pin stitching… 

Just beautiful!


crib turned herb garden cynthiaweber.com


The herb garden we made from an antique crib last week fits right in with the faded and fabulous old windows…

I can’t wait to post about the gardens as they bloom…

But that will have to wait a week or two!

If you would like to see what they looked like last year here is the link.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend… It looks like beautiful weather is in store for us here in Bayfield… 

What are your outdoor plans? Any antique windows in your future???


I am sharing this project at: Home(work) Wednesday

16 thoughts on “Antique Windows and Cobblestone Pathways add Eclectic Charm to the gardens at Hoop Top House…

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  4. Okay…where do I start…first, you & Kent and Rick & I have a lot in common with these projects! Although I must say your’s are way bigger projects!! Holy cow I can’t get over that you did the driveway by yourself! That is amazing. Then the new cobblestone with the windows and canoe hanging…so unique and cozy too! I love it all. I want to visit you guys so bad!!

  5. You’ve been hard at work! Wow, I love what you’ve done. Love the extension of the cobblestone walkway.Now you can enjoy watching the rain undercover.I do have an 8 pane window which I’ll put to use on our new deck.

  6. Cynthia, this looks absolutely gorgeous and the cobblestones are just wonderful…I can only imagine how much work and effort it took, but totally worth it. Thank you for sharing with us and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. What a fantastic area!! The cobblestones and the windows!!
    Hmmm my hubs always wants to put up a clothes line…
    I have quite a few quilts..love yours!!

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