Client Diaries: Jess & Brad… Front Entrance Reveal & A Painted Floor Compass Tutorial


Finally… A Reveal!!!

Creating Coastal Style DIY Floor Compass…


I know you have been waiting…

Patiently… ( thank you for that by the way )  for some after pics from the cottage reno!

Well, you are in luck!

Today I am sharing the entrance…

Complete with a hand painted floor compass!!!


finished compass for Client Diaries; Jess & Brad


I told you I had something interesting planned…

Do you love it?!?

I have to admit… I love it!!

Let’s go back to the beginning and see where we started from and how we got here.


Entrance Before


The entrance or mudroom at Jess & Brads’ cottage had some less than stellar blue carpet the day I first saw it.

The plan was to rip it out, lay pine floorboards then paint them for a relaxed feel that would match the age and style of the cottage.

I came up with the idea to then paint a compass on the floor.

They loved the concept and Brad thought it should point true North.

So, that was the mandate when “Demo” day began.

Then Kent found this underneath the carpet…


exposed painted pine floorboards

Beautiful faded and worn old pine floorboards…

It was a good day !!

If you missed that post you can catch up here

I was giddy as a school girl!!

So, obviously the plan changed a bit to accommodate this unexpected treasure!

old floorboards exposed in entrance of our client reno project.

I loved the colour and patina of the middle area but at some point there had been a few incarnations of painting and an uneven border of blue had been added…

I would have loved to save it if it had been even but it just was random, not going all the way around and not lining up with anything.

I decided to overpaint a border with the trim colour and then distress it to fade it a bit.

taping off for new border paint

I taped off at the two sides and used three boards at each end to create an even border.

new border painted and distressed

After priming and painting I scuffed it back.

Now it was time for the fun part!!!

I had seen a great tutorial for painting a compass on an area rug from Mandy over at Vintage Revivals.

DIY Painted Sisal Rug 014 copy_thumb

She gave simple and clear directions on how to achieve the star points. Pop over to see her full tutorial

She really did a great job of it!

I used her directions and made up a template for reference.

I wanted to be able to see if the size and general layout worked in the space.

Compass template for entrance floor... Client Diaries- Jess & Brad

This is what I came up with.

The red and blue circles worked but I wasn’t sure I wanted it so “poppy”

More faded and subtle perhaps…

and the small letters just weren’t enough…

I am very glad I took the time to go through the process of making the template, it helped me form a plan and seeing it in the mudroom was a huge help with planning scale.

I started  by using the “compass” app on my iphone to find true North.

finding North

Very handy!

Finding North on template to see what it would look like.

By laying the iPhone pointing North on top of my template I got a fairly accurate idea of what the completed compass would look like.

painting compass on floor

Starting at the centre point and working out from there I measured all my lines and started filling them in.

I soon realized that painting over 100 year old pine boards was a bit more challenging than painting on mat board!

I mottled the white paint to look old and random.

Compass painting on entrance floor for Cleint Diaries- Jess & Brad cottage reno blog series

Then I  stencilled the north south east and west.

using homemade tool to make circle for floor compass

Kent made this large compass with two pieces of wood to draw the circles.

I found a white pencil crayon worked well to mark the lines then I just painted over them with the blue paint.

finished compass for Client Diaries; Jess & Brad

Finished Floor Compass

This is the finished floor with three topcoats to seal the paint.

Now, I would love to put everything back in the room and take a nice pic to show you but…

We are not quite there yet.

There is so much going on over there!!! ( you could see maylay through the window in the door to the kitchen this morning so I had to fill it in with a white box to hide the chaos!)

in fact…

So much is going on that I have exactly ten minutes to finish this post and get it published before Kent starts losing patience with me…

We have a very long list of things yet to do today.

Jess & Brad are coming home for the weekend and I need to hustle if they are going to have any walking room.

I can’t wait to hear what they think of the progress so far!

Fingers crossed!!

Wishing all of you a fantastic weekend!

How to Paint a Floor Compass…

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  1. Very cool! That white border really sharpens it up. A very clever use of the compass decal too. Might be tackling my front porch next spring, so will pin for inspiration!

  2. Super cool!!

  3. love the transformation! And what a great idea to add the compass.

  4. Featuring this tonight at Best Of The Weekend at 8PM EST. xoxo

  5. WOW!!! I love the reveal…

    I love the Nautical look,the two of you have done another great job.

    Congratulations to the Webers.

  6. WOW…this is AMAZING!!!!! What a stunning piece of artwork…I adore it! Thanks for sharing!!! Featured today! hugs…how is my little doxie friend : )

  7. That floor looks amazing. How great that the boards were there, and the compass is the perfect touch. Love it!

  8. Cynthia… this is just amazing. I am in LOVE with how the compass turned out. Please come to FL and paint a compass on my floor. LOL Pinning. Fantastic work as always, my friend!! xo

  9. That is such a HUGE improvement! The painted floor looks awesome and really suits the space.

  10. This is really awesome! I love everything about your makeover, but I especially love the ‘true north’! How cool is that to know for sure exactly where N is?

  11. Nice job, looks great!

  12. I think this is my most favorite project yet Cynthia & Kent! I know you are crazy busy now, but when you are finished you will look back and think of this magnificent compass. Perfect for these lovely folks. Sharing on FB this am. I want to make one too.

  13. awesome!!!!

  14. This turned out really well! I’m a sucker for painted wood floors and anything nautical.

  15. We were very happpy to be home after our 8 hour drive from Montreal. And we were able to ‘orient’ ourselves with the most lovely hand-painted compass in our most lovely entryway.

    When Cynthia mentioned the idea of painting a compass on the floor we were all-in immediately. Although, I was a little concerned that it would look too perfect and showy, but of course, we put our trust in Cynthia’s exceptional design savvy and it turned out great!

    Brad and I travel for work and sometimes we don’t know where our next adventure will take us, so I suppose the compass represents the endless possibilities of adventure and reminds us that Bayfield is our home and a place to renew our spirit.

    I have the pleasure of spending the week in Bayfield and will be around to see some of the work taking place. I’ve got my mini-fridge and coffee pot to keep me company and I’m just planning to stay out of the way! :)

  16. I love the compass on the wood floor. Such a great idea. I’ve been pondering over a big project for our entryway floor and this has definitely inspired me! Pinning this and sharing on my FB page. Great job!!

  17. That looks great Cynthia, nice job on the compass!!!

  18. Cynthia, the compass on the floor looks just amazing! I love it and I’m sure Jess and Brad will love it, too! The way that you did makes it look as though it was always there, which is perfect with the wonderful flooring. Pinning and can’t wait to see what’s next! Hugs!

  19. All points lead to … fabulous!

  20. love

  21. Very creative idea.Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  22. P.s. I hope Jess comments to let us know what she thinks! She is crazy if she isn’t over the moon about it!

  23. Love,Love,Love!!! I want one!;) Pinning!

  24. As per, it’s awesome!! You know me, I love faded and worn, it’s a much cooler “story”! Love following this post! Off to pin!


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