Client Diaries… Jess & Brad: The Plan!

I promised you “The Plan” so here it is…


On Monday I posted the intro to our new renovation series:

 Client Diaries… Jess & Brad 

If you missed it… have a catch up, this will make far more sense if you read that one first!


Client Diaries… Jess & Brad


Jess & Brad have a very charming old cottage that has seen some extensive renovations already.

A hallway was taken out by a previous owner to increase the size of the living room and an addition with a new master bedroom, ensuite and an office was also added at that time.

They are excited to continue the work that has been done making it even better for how they use the space and updating areas of the home which have not been touched yet..

Today I will show you all the before pics and give an overview of what we will be doing!

I apologize for the granny photos in this post… I was without my camera so the phone had to do… I promise… It won’t happen again!


Kitchen Before



The kitchen is already great with beadboard ceilings, decent white cabinets and a functional layout.


Kitchen Before reno...


Jess & Brad aren’t crazy about the floor, the tiles, the look of the island or the counters… so that will all be changed!

They also want to extend the peninsula to accommodate stools… currently there is no overhang.


Before of Jess and Brad's Kitchen


Open chunky shelves will replace this unit beside the fridge.

Jess has some amazing Fiestaware to display full of colour!!

The kitchen is open to the dining/living room.


Living room


The table to the left of this pic looks right into the kitchen and over that peninsula.

The pine floors in this room are charming so we will be continuing them into the kitchen to unify the space and have it read as one large area.

  Entrance Before


This entrance leads into the kitchen… we will be removing the carpet and laying pine floors as in the main rooms.

They will get painted and I am going to add a feature to the middle of the floor… stay tuned for that one!

There is also a tine powder room that we will be redoing.


Powder room before


Now lets head upstairs…




This staircase is off the living room. It splits up at the landing… to the left is the bathroom and to the right are bedrooms.

Jess and Brad had someone working on the steps previously  but they were not completed so we will finish them.

The plan is to remove the beadboard that was installed horizontally and replace it with a more substantial version ( vertically this time!) we will then tidy up the old paint lines on the trim from where carpet had been removed to expose more layers of paint… repaint beadboard and trim and refinish the treads.


Bathroom Before



The upstairs bathroom will get a total facelift…

I am very jealous! I could use a facelift!

We will take out that vanity and change plumbing to accommodate two pedestal sinks.


Bathroom before reno...



Painted pine floors to go with the rest of the cottage will be added.

Now don’t panic…

The tub is staying.

Yes, that means lifting the tub to remove the floors.

I may be busy that day.

There is also a washer/ dryer in this room.

We will be leaving it in the room but updating the shelves above.

There will also be some work in the master bedroom and the addition of a main floor laundry… but I will do those areas in a future post. 


That gives you an overview of our plans…

I am very excited about it, We are going to be very busy!

I hope you will follow along with the reno… 

I will show the Demo next week…

It is in full swing, in fact we took two full trailer loads of fixtures and appliances to the Habitat Restore already.

Jess & Brad wanted to donate everything possible… Don’t you just love that!

Here we are all loaded up…

Loading up to deliver to Habitat Restore


And pulling up to the Restore with all the treasures…


Habitat Restore


There is nothing better than having clients interested in giving back to the community!

I love it!

I hope you consider donating if you are in the middle of a renovation project… it is a fantastic program.

Ok, I need to run, we have a boatload of work ahead… Tons of interesting posts planned and I promise… way better photos!  

It was a lousy time to be without my camera this week but we are back on track!








  1. I can’t wait to see the progress photos of this home.

  2. Thanks for all those photos – I feel like I am working on the house myself! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Cannot wait to see this project unfold!!

  4. How exciting – it’s going to look beautiful I’m sure, looking forward to your posts in this series!!

  5. Can’t wait to see every single step!

  6. Its gonna look great

  7. This house is going to be amazing.

  8. I always love your posts! Can’t wait to see this reno through all of it’s stages! I love that you and Kent do everything together, beyond adorable! What a beauty little cottage, so much potential! I am very jealous though, all the work in one swoop! How sweet is that! xo

  9. How exciting! Can’t wait to follow along and see all of the transforamtions, Cynthia. xo

  10. Cynthia, thanks for sharing the plan – I can’t wait to see how everything come along! LOVE that they are donating to ReStore, which is such an amazing resource for the community! I know this is going to be just fantastic and we are so lucky to have a front row seat!

    • Hi Cindy,
      You are right, the Restore is a wonderful resource… we love when clients are excited to donate!
      Jess and Brad mentioned it right at the start of the project and we were happy to oblige… It doesn’t take any more time during a demo… just a little planning and the benefit to the community is many fold.
      I am very glad you are excited to follow along with the series!
      Thank you so much for your interest and supportive comments! I appreciate it very much!

  11. You guys are too cute! I love telling people that we have a ‘husband and wife’ team working on our renovation. :)

  12. Yes, my beautiful little slave driver, my eyes are rolling.

  13. Hi Cynthia and Kent,

    Well, clearly I’m the MOST interested in my own reno which is why I dropped my work and immediately read the update! It’s hard to believe how much has been done since we left – even in the planning and removing stages, it feels very thoughtful and I know our house is loving all of the attention.

    When we moved into our house everything was BLUE, country blue. Clearly it was ‘in vogue’ during the last remodel, and it took several coats of paint to bring it back to an airy cottage feel, that you see – including ceilings. NO disrespect to blue, it had its time. I like the way we plan to pay homage to it (stay tuned on the blog for more info…)!

    I can’t say enough about the importance of RESTORE in our community. We’ve definitely contributed our fair share – both by donation and buying items that others have decided to pass along. Thanks for going the extra miles (thru construction!) to get to Goderich and give our stuff a new home.

    Cynthia and Kent – please feel free to take a bottle of wine from our collection. Looks like you need it after you hang up your tools for the weekend!!!

    Until next time!


    • Hi Jess… Are you saying we can take the weekend off?!? Fantastic 😉
      your wine will be right where you left it but we would love to toast with you when everything is done!

  14. That looks like a ton of work! And the stairs are unreal… I can see why Kents eyes are rolling!
    You guys are going to make it amazing I know it!!

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