My Easy Design Tip that will save you a Ton of Headaches…

Before I start this post, I just have to share a photo I snapped last night at the beach in Bayfield.

Right before sunset two planes passed overhead.

How fantastic is that!?!

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Plane over Sunset on Bayfield Beach…


Ok… Now For My Design Tip!

Has this ever happened to you?

You are out shopping and you see a pillow or blouse a scarf or bag that you think would work well with something you have at home in your closet or living room so you buy it.

At home you excitedly pull it out of the bag and race to see how smart you were…

The anticipation brewing up ready to overflow in self congratulations!


Custom cushions for cottage project…


You just KNOW it’s going to be Perfect!!!!

Then you realize…

It doesn’t work!

Now you are left disappointed and with a return trip to the store in your very near future…

You wasted time, energy and money.

Insert frustrated sigh…


Colour memory is a gift.

Some are blessed with a better skill set than others but it isn’t just colour memory… sometimes it is the lighting in the store so let yourself off the hook!!

Over the years I have developed a trick to help.

Whether you are looking for a pillow to add to your living room or a scarf to complement a new suit…

This easy trick will save you time, money and a lot of extra hauling of stuff from store to store!

Step one:

Invest in a paint chip deck to have a at home.


When you buy a skirt that you want to match a blouse or earrings to for example.

Match the item to a chip from the paint deck.

Then write that chip number down.

If you are anything like me you will be in the proximity of a paint store on a regular basis…

Pick up a chip the next time you are in and then write a note to yourself…

Here are a few that I have in my purse right now.


My design tip; easy way to match items using Paint chips…


Now I can pull them out in a store and check easily…

I am currently looking for some pale ice blue bedding, earrings and shoes for an upcoming wedding, a long skirt to go with a beautiful scarf I have and accessories to go on a painted side table for a client project.

Once you get in the habit of doing it, you won’t believe how much time it saves.


My Tip for using paint chips to match while shopping…



Well… what do you think?

Will you give it a try??


On a personal note…

I also want to share a few photos of my parents today.

As many of you know, they celebrate their 50th anniversary this summer. We gave them a surprise reno of their living and dining rooms as our gift… here is the reveal if you missed it!

We also wanted to take some photos of them for a keepsake. Our son Spencer came up with a fantastic idea to go back to the Stratford park where they had their wedding photos taken fifty years ago.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of them!

My parents


Here they are on the same bridge… fifty years later!!


How adorable!

Happy 50th anniversary to my parents!


I know…

They are so cute!!!

hope you have a fantastic week!




  1. Great tip! This happens to me all of the time! Congrats to your parents…such a cute couple!!

  2. I sometimes do this for home decor projects but I had never thought about doing it for clothing! What a great idea! So much easier than dragging the shirt around that you are trying to match to!

  3. Many thanks to you Cynthia, Kent and Spencer for your generous and thoughtful gestures making our 50th anniversary such a special event. Firstly you did an amazing surprize reno of our foyer, living room and dining room in June, and now the cherished photo memories at the original location of our wedding day photos. We enjoyed a delicious meal and evening at one of our favorite Stratford restaurants.
    We also thank your blog readers for their kind comments and best wishes.
    Thanks for the memories!
    Love & Hugs,
    mom & dad

  4. What a great tip! Also the plane pic looks so pretty and congratulations to your mom and dad. 50 years that is awesome!

  5. Excellent tip Cynthia. You always have great ideas. Your parents are just so sweet. Thanks for sharing their special day with us.
    Make it a great weekend.

  6. That’s such a great tip, Cynthia! Since my hubby is a painter it should be really easy. I won’t tell you that I was a ninny and ripped a card out of a brand new paint deck because I didn’t want to carry the whole thing in my purse. I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack! Lesson learned. Your tip is much better!

  7. Such a great tip, Cynthia. I am color incompetent. When I actually get a good match I thank God because I know it wasn’t me. 😉 p.s. Your parents are so lovely (and so darn cute!). Were they like 2 when they got married? They look so very young and vibrant. Congratulations to them on their 50 years together! Their photos are wonderful keepsakes.

  8. Great tip!

  9. Love that you captured that airplane in the sunset…great picture!

    And great tip! I can’t believe how spot on those coral/pink colors match your scarf.

  10. What a simple, smart suggestion! Definitely going to use it.

  11. Great tip! I saw the photo of your parents (on Instagram, I think) and it is so sweet!

  12. I do this all the time, especially working on client projects where time is money! Love the pics of your parents. My parents recently celebrated their 40th and my mom put her dress and veil on. She’s still the tiny woman she was in her 20’s. Wish I could be so lucky, although I think I could squeeze into my dress if I had to LOL!

  13. Great tip, Cynthia! Now I just have to get that organized. 😉 Your parents are adorable, btw

  14. My color memory isn’t very good, so this is a great tip for me. Thanks for sharing. Your parents are so cute. Happy anniversary to them.

  15. First, thanks for sharing your photos of your parents on their 50th anniversary. The photo on the bridge gave me goose bumps. Second, thanks for the tip. I love paint chips. ~Jeanette

  16. It’s great if your good about updating your list when you make changes. I’m guilt of not taking a quick moment to do so and have been stuck in a pickle when I needed that list most. Thanks for the reminder, I’m off to do it now while I’m thinking of it!

  17. Using a paint chip wheel or book is a great idea! Too many times I have run into the same scenario you described, LOL. This would work much better. :-) Congrats to your folks! They are a lovely couple!!

  18. What a fantastic idea. I spend a lot of wasted time going to and fro trying to decide if I’m remembering the tones correctly. This is so simple. Thank you.

  19. Brilliant! I already carry around the paint chips for my wall colours, why not for other colour related purchases!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  20. Smart idea! Happy Anniversary to your parents.

  21. Great tip Cynthia, if I could only get organized enough to do that!! The photos of your parents were very nice, how sweet to be on the same bridge 50 years later.

  22. what a great idea with the paint chips.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents, great photo op

  23. OK that is brilliant! This just might spell the end of my frustrating repeated-trial-and-error-buy-and-return approach. It seems the right paint colour can solve everything!
    Love the sweet photos of your parents!

  24. Dianne G. says:

    What a great paint chip idea.Will have to try that.
    Lovely pics of your parents 50th.

  25. What a beautiful idea to have your mom hold their wedding photo!
    I am going to try the paint chip idea. It will save me hauling a suit around that I have been trying to match!

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