This is the time of year when I start gearing up for…

Holiday Decorating.

I know… It’s early, but I get excited!

There are so many wonderful ways to gather up inspirational ideas.

I have been all over Pinterest and my head is spinning…

If you would like to follow my Holiday board on Pinterest here is the link. I also contribute to a fantastic group board called Hometalk Holidays. It is well worth a look too!

Last year I bought about two hundred Peacock feathers to use as the base of my living room decor.

I loved how they reflected the light and accented the colours in the room.

Our living room has 17′ ceilings so we decided to have a 12′ tree.

There is nothing like a live tree, the scent wafting through the house always gets me in the holiday spirit.

It is a tradition to top our tree with a bowler hat.

Ornaments on the tree are a mixture of vintage and new. I usually put some dried elements in as well.

In the evenings it was lovely to sit and look at it all lit up.

I could take credit for how cleverly the reflection echoed the tree in this mirror… but, it was simply fortuitous.

I wanted to use fresh boxwood garland on the banister.

It is a long staircase so to fill it up I made roses out of wound up tissue paper, a very cost effective trick I have used over the years.

Here is a brief tutorial I posted awhile back if you would like to see how to do it. White bows, dark teal ornaments and more peacock feathers were also tucked in.

Wrapped up gifts sitting on my miniature settee under the tree made a pleasing and inviting vignette.

I do love that little piece!

This year I am filled with new ideas, I can’t seem to commit yet…

What about you? Are you ready to dive into holiday decorating?

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  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the greenery and feathers up the stair rail! Everything looks amazing. Thank you for sharing it with me. :)


    • Hi Anna,
      Thank you for popping over to see it! Your peacock inspired holiday decor is wonderful! I really loved the ribbon!

  2. Hi Loi,
    Thanks, I will look into it!

  3. Cynthia – I think there is an error with your latest post….I can’t access it, fyi.

  4. Hi, Cynthia – This post just popped up (for me), but I noticed the above comments dated 11/12/12. Strange?!

    200 peacock feathers? Wow! Gorgeous decorations and very creative. I look forward to your holiday decor this year.


  5. Yes, I’m gearing up for holiday decorating too. I can’t wait.I’ve been all over your pintrest board and wow, the ideas are overwhelming.Lots of ideas!

  6. Unbelievable! So beautiful…blew me away! You have inspired me for sure… :)


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