18 Apr

New Website and a HUGE Kitchen Reno Coming Soon!!

Kitchen Reno Before Pic

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately.

Kent and I are finished with our part of the Little Inn redesign project and we are gearing up for some big projects here at Bannockburn 1878!!

( Don’t worry, I will keep showing you more pics of the Inn project here on the blog and on Instagram ! )

That Kitchen reno I mentioned awhile back is right around the corner and I hope you are ready to give me lots of input!!

Remember what we are starting with?

Kitchen Reno Before Pic

I know…

I can’t wait…

It has been driving me bonkers for months.

Peach floor tile !!!

It looks like orange sherbet mixed with dirt, and a side of yuk.


Another big project is the new website.

I have been working with Erin Samuell from A Simple Photo on a beautiful design that will marry my interiors website, my blog and the Bannockburn events site. There will be a few days when the site will be down for construction next week so I just wanted to give you a heads up!

The garden expansion project will also be a focus for Kent and I over the next few months.

I will share the plans and progress on that as well.

We are looking forward to a beautiful summer here at Bannockburn filled with activity!!

I hope you follow along!

Emmitt is very happy now that the weather has changed. He loves to be outside surveying his dominion!!


As promised…

Here is another photo peek at some of the Inn design…

I am loving how these black and white bathrooms turned out!!

Photo credit Erin Samuell.


Faucet is Riobel, sink is Kohler Memoirs, mirror is custom through us.

04 Apr

The redesigned Little Inn of Bayfield makes her debut!

This week has been a complete whirlwind of activity.

The redesigned Little Inn of Bayfield opened her doors to the public!!!!



As you know we have been working on this project all winter. It has been creative, rewarding… challenging and absolutely gratifying to restore and redesign this historic Inn that means so much to Bayfield and Ontario!!

The Inn owner Joanne wrote this beautiful reference for me and I thought you might like to see it!

Letter of reference from The Little Inn of Bayfield to Cynthia Weber Design


The talented Erin Samuell of A Simple Photograph worked her magic at the soft opening.

These images are from her blog post yesterday.

She graciously allowed me to repost some of them here for you to enjoy.






Follow along on Instagram for ongoing sneak peeks!!

These next photos are mine ( They are not nearly as well shot as Erins and I want to make sure you all know the fault is mine!!!)

The Taproom Bar at The Little Inn of Bayfield Designed by Cynthia Weber

Details from the Willow Room at The Little Inn of Bayfield designed by Cynthia Weber

Kent and I are looking forward to meeting some of you at the Inn this weekend! We will be there for the Easter Sunday Brunch with our family.

Come say hi if you see us. I so appreciate all the support you have given me during this project!

I can’t thank you enough!!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.




Here is a reminder of where we started in January. I really can’t believe what we accomplished in  such a short time!! The wall was removed to open up the bar to the front of the Inn. The room feels like it was always one space and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out! I hope you like it too!!

Before photos of The Little Inn Bayfield… cynthiaWeber.com


30 Mar

What’s all the BUZZ about?… Cynthia Weber Design is now on BHome !!

The design/ lifestyle/ garden blog world is buzzing…

Over what you ask?



bHomeAd-600x-CWD version 3

I am over the moon excited about this app!!!

It has quickly become my go to place for inspiration…

Everyone I love to follow is having a party over there!

It is a fantastic place to browse around, Pin, share to Instagram & Facebook, ‘keep‘ something for future reference, search a topic, leave a message, chat with your favorite bloggers, listen to our playlists and so much more.

It’s all right there at your fingertips!


It’s FREE!!!!

Kelly and Peter from My Soulful home are the creators of bHome.

I love that they are a husband and wife team!!

The group of bloggers, brands & TV media they have brought together over there is dreamy!!



This is just a small preview of the wonderful people to follow.

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors made a stellar video showing all the tips and tricks for using the app.

All you need to do is follow this link to the App store and download bHome.

It is free & takes only seconds.



I am so pleased and honoured to be a part of this exciting, innovative platform.

I have no doubt that bHome will be a huge success.

If you have an iphone or ipad (android coming soon) …

Come on over…

Join the Buzz… “Bee” inspired at bHome!


bHomeAd-300x450-CWD version 2


For those of you itching for an update on The Little Inn of Bayfield redesign project…

Hang on!

The Reopening of the Willow Room and the Four in Hand Taproom is this Thursday April 2nd.

They are taking reservations for a beautiful Easter Sunday brunch!

Kent and I are taking the whole family… I hope to see you there!

For reservations call: 1 800 565 1832

I will be posting many pics throughout the week on Instagram so please follow along!! ;)


22 Mar

Sunday Musings from Bannockburn 1878… Maple Syrup, Live Edge serving Boards and some R&R

There is quite a buzz of activity here at Bannockburn 1878 today!

We are boiling down some sap into maple syrup.

It has us wondering how many people have tapped the trees here over the years.

Did the McFarlanes make syrup for their family way back in the late 1800’s?

I hope so…

Setting up the sap line at Bannockburn 1878… cynthiaweber.com

We had fun setting up the sap line and now after a few days of sun we have been able to boil a few times. I am hoping by the end of the day we will have a few litres of syrup all bottled up!!

Yesterday we bought some glass bottles and I want to make some labels so we can give them as gifts.

Maple Syrup bottles


While the syrup is boiling away Kent is starting to work on some new live edge serving boards. He has been itching to get back to woodworking since we moved but with all the activities surrounding the move and the Little Inn project,  he hasn’t had much time.

These huge pieces are what he is working on today.

I took a photo of them leaning up against the stone just before he carried them out to the shop.


Live edge ready to be made into serving boards… cynthiaweber.com

I love how full of potential they are!!

I can’t wait to show you the finished pieces. Perhaps by the time I am ready to post this he will have an example or two well underway!

In fact, I think I will bundle up ( it is still really crisp here today! ) and walk out to the barn to see how he is coming along…

Greatings from the dogs… Cynthiaweber.com

Well, I am back…

As you can see I got quite a greeting from Emmitt and Tara ( our son Spencers dog.)

They love to play together but we need to make sure Tara doesn’t run right over Emmitt!


Snow melting at Bannockburn 1878… Cynthiaweber.com


The snow is trying to melt!

I can see all of Bootsy the lounging lady statue and the chickens she is chatting with!


Little Chairs hung on the walls of the barn at Bannockburn 1878… Cynthiaweber.com

The barn hasn’t received to much attention since we moved but we did manage to start organizing things a bit.

These little chairs are all hung and ready for a project.

I hate to admit it but… there are more yet to hang!


Kent working on live edge pieces in the barn… cynthiaweber.com


Kent is in full swing out there.

He warmed up with a few medium sized boards before tackling these monsters!


Live Edge pieces waiting to be finished… Cynthiaweber.com

They are huge!

For a size reference… they are leaning up against the run of kitchen cabinets we ripped out.

If you missed that post… here you go, click away!

Kent working on a live edge serving board in the barn … Cynthiaweber.com

I love how this piece is coming along… it is such a unique shape and I find it fascinating to watch Kent debark and create the shape.

He likes to let the pieces speak simply… following the line and curve…

Letting it be what it wants to be!

If you go back up to that first photo I showed of all the wood leaning up against the house you will see how this piece looked with the bark on.

There will be more sanding and finishing for this one. I do think she is going to be beautiful!!

I’m off to bottle some syrup now.

I promise to post a pic of the prettiness on Instagram later today!!

Oh and as for that kitchen reno here at the house…

I’m gearing up and I can’t wait to share all the plans with you…

Kent got a tractor and I am getting a kitchen!!!

Happy dance!

Twirly girly happy dance! ;)



17 Mar

Redesign at The Little Inn of Bayfield…

Oh we are getting close!


The renovations at the Little Inn of Bayfield are almost complete !!

I am in full swing styling away to get things ready for reopening!


You may have seen this collage I posted on Instagram.

I wanted to show  you the way things started out at the beginning of the renovation.

All these spaces are being redone.

The changes and improvements are quite staggering…

I want to keep some things a surprise…

You knew I would didn’t you! ;)


Custom Pigeon Holes for the reception desk… cynthiaweber.com

I have been showing a few glimpses of all the beauty yet to come…

Like these custom pigeon holes for the guest room keys!

I just love them!

The new reception will be much more welcoming than the way it was before.

In the past when guests checked into the Inn they had to come in the door and walk down the hall to a tiny cubby under the staircase. It was very cute but not comfortable or practical for either guests or staff.

Now guests will enter through the large double doors an see a beautiful custom build reception desk charmingly designed to resemble an old fashioned bank wicket.

As for the bar…

Oh, it is…


The new Four in Hand Taproom will be a fantastic venue…

Boasting this beautiful overdyed vintage rug from Ecarpetgallery as a focal point.




The Willow room will be an elegant, peaceful and stylish place to dine…

I am very pleased to have been able to repurpose this set of vintage chairs. They have been reupholstered in a whimsical striped fabric from JF Fabrics…


Redone dining chairs… cynthiaweber.com


With the help of the very talented Marilyn from Gresham House Furniture we designed and built these fantastic custom banquettes. They are free standing pieces of furniture that can be moved and used many different ways as the function requires.

Can’t you just picture a head table with these button tufted beauties !


Custom Banquettes from Gresham House Furniture… Cynthiaweber.com


Soft and moody pendant lights from Uttermost and a custom vanity with Caesarstone top shelf make for a charming place to  powder your nose.


Public Washroom for the Little Inn project… cynthiaweber.com

I am also very excited about the improvements being made to some of the guest rooms…

classic black and white…

Sigh :)


New Bathroom Floors … cynthiaweber.com


There is so much more to show you…

but for now…

I need to get back to work!

Follow along on Instagram for all the latest sneak peeks!!

12 Mar

Can we Talk About the Sunsets @ Bannockburn 1878…

Sunset at Bannockburn 1878… cynthiaweber.com

Sunset at Bannockburn 1878… cynthiaweber.com


I knew they would be beautiful…

With the house set on top of a hill overlooking a gently rolling pasture, fields and trees.

I knew the views would be lovely.

sunset reflected off the stones of Bannockburn 1878… cynthiaweber.com

Let me tell you a little secret…

There have been evenings here since we moved in when I have been overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done.

The projects, upkeep, improvements… it is easy to feel a little daunted by the amount of work to come.

But no matter what is on “the list” of things to do…

No matter how looooong it might be.

It doesn’t seem to matter and I will tell you why.

The sunsets here are breathtaking.


evening at Bannockburn 1878… cynthiaweber.com


Heart wrenchingly, achingly jawdroppingly beautiful!!

I can’t seem to stop trying to capture it.

No matter how many snaps I take I never do them justice.


Emmitt watching sunset… cynthiaweber.com


Some come close… like this one taken from the back porch…

But not quite!

I am looking forward to seeing all the seasons reflected in sunsets this first year.

I hope you don’t mind if I keep posting the pics…

I want to share them with you!!

I share many more photos on Instagram… of our life here at Bannockburn and of our client projects, travels and musings…

Please feel free to follow along!

I hope there is a beautiful sunset where you are tonight!!

P.S. The flies are terrible right now! I clean them up and turn around and there are more instantly! Every windowsill is covered … but, the views are still fantastic and I have a vacuum so… it’s all good!! :)

10 Mar

Easter Decorating Ideas…

Easter Eggs CynthiaWeber.com

Happy Easter… CynthiaWeber.com

Are you hosting Easter Dinner this year?

I am not,  my mom has graciously taken on that role. She knows how busy we are with the opening of the Inn coming up.

 I am in the mood to decorate eggs though so… I’m on the hunt for some great Easter decorating ideas!!

( get it… on the “Hunt”) :)

The photo above shows the direction my egg decorating went last year.

I dyed the eggs in coffee then added a few drops of several colours of acrylic craft paint and a few drops of oil.

Then I swirled it around in the coffee…

It seems like it would just make mud but what actually happened is that the paint stayed in tiny globs.

When the egg got stirred around in it,  speckles of all the colours stuck to the shell…

I think it looks kind of interesting!

Easter Eggs CynthiaWeber.com

We have had a long and cold winter here…

Spring is just starting and things have not had time to green up very much. I needed an instant hit of Spring!!

So, I dug out my Spring Pussy Willow starburst to hang on the door.

DIY Pussy Willow starburst with ripped silk strips Cynthiaweber.com

If you missed the DIY post about how to make it… here you go.

It really is a beautiful and easy way to add some Spring interest to your front door.

 Over the years we have had a lot of fun with different egg decorating techniques.

My favourite is the Herb relief patterned eggs dyed in natural dyes.

easter sggs displayed in vintage egg cups and sherry glasses

Vintage sherry glasses, egg cups and some small dishes lined on a piece of spalted maple made for a fun display…

dill on egg in cheese cloth ready for dying cynthia weber.com

 I shared the tutorial for making these herb wrapped natural dyed eggs on the blog. Here is the link if you missed it!

antique dough bowl, victorian furniture and hide rug…cynthiaweber.com

Cabbage dye is one of my all time favourite ways to decorate eggs… so simple and pretty don’t you think!

eggs in antique dough bowl cynthiaweber.com


A few years back I used a boat that Kent had carved to display our Easter Eggs. It was a big hit with our guests.

strawberry top egg

 A strawberry top made this beautiful relief pattern.

dill in cabbage dye

 Wispy dill fronds for this one…

Another fun and simple Easter decorating idea was a jello bunny made from this antique mould.

You could easily make one from a cake mould.

unmolding bunny

Sprigs of forsythia would look lovely around it.

For more Springspiration you can follow along with this wonderful group board I am part of.

It is called Hometalk Spring Inspiration and it is full of great ideas!

All this talk of Spring has me thinking about this…

Wisteria cynthiaweber.com

 I do hope the Wisteria at Hoop Top House will bloom this year!!

I will miss it but I know there will be many new and beautiful Spring and summer blooms here at Bannockburn to enjoy…

I am anxiously waiting to see what will pop up.

06 Mar

It’s all about the Cabinet…

Cabinetry in the shop… cynthiaweber.com

Beautiful cabinetry makes me happy.

Cabinetry in the shop… cynthiaweber.com

Over the years we have developed a relationship with a wonderful Mennonite cabinetmaker.

His attention to detail, workmanship and dedication to getting everything right…

Well, it is just not common anymore.

And I for one… don’t take it for granted.

I know how lucky we are to be able to provide such a high level of craftsmanship to our clients.

At the Cabinetmakers shop… cynthiaweber.com


We have had quite a few pieces made by Levi.

They all have been unique and have never failed to make our clients very happy indeed!

The most recent is the wonderful servery cabinet for The Little Inn project.

You may have seen a few teaser pics on my Instagram feed.

I will show more as the room is styled… I promise!


The Servery cabinet for The Little Inn project… cynthiaweber.com


A few weeks back we went to the shop to see how things were coming along with it.

Levi showed us how they develop the layers of distressing with a combing technique.


distressing technique… Cynthiaweber.com


I have shared a few other projects in the past where Levi’s work has played a role…

Our Client Diaries series for example.




In this project a beautiful kitchen island in white oak with blue agate top played the staring role!




In this same series we had him make x pattern sofa tables.




For more on that project… give a click!

There are several more custom works coming soon to the Little Inn…

I can’t wait to show you!

In the meantime follow along on Instagram.

Today I posted a peek of the jaw dropping custom banquettes from Gresham House…

Such prettiness!!

28 Feb

Featured on Houzz… Must Know Furniture…The Grandfather Clock.

clock in woods emmitt

Houzz is such a wonderful place to spend some time.

I can get lost over there for hours!


I was happy to be notified by the Houzz team this week that one of our projects was part of a feature.

The subject…

Must Know Furniture… The Grandfather Clock.

The article is written by Karen Egly-Thompson and is worth a read.

The author used our master bedroom from Hoop Top House for one of her examples.

We actually have three large clocks as part of our collection.

They are all unique and special in their own ways.


master bedroom vignette


This one is dated 1796. It is impressive, imposing, commanding and I adore it!


living room

This Pine case clock is more subtle.

We have had it for over twenty years and I still love looking at it.

The dial is chippy and worn…

Beautifully imperfect.


clockface… Cynthiaweber.com



clock in woods emmitt


The third one is very special…

It has wooden works.

They fascinate me!

wood works


clock close up


So… if you want to learn a bit more about Grandfather clocks, pop over and read the article.

I also want to thank the team over at Houzz for naming us in the best of 2015 awards.

Remodeling and Home Design


Customer satisfaction is very important to me.

To be awarded in this category is just wonderful!

A huge thank you to all my amazing clients that took the time to give me such stellar reviews… I appreciate it very much indeed!!


25 Feb

Winter views from BannockBurn 1878

Bannockburn 1878… CynthiaWeber.com

If you are following along on Instagram you will have seen a few of these photos from this weekend.

Looking out over the fields… CynthiaWeber.com


Kent asked me if I would like to go snowshoeing around the property and I enthusiastically agreed!

Taking Emmitt along became a Mcgiver type experiment…

We attached a Maple Lane milk crate to an old sleigh and added a pair of skis…

It was comical and amusing but the net net was that he loved it and didn’t want to go back in the house.

Emmitt ready for a sleigh ride… CynthiaWeber.com

Snowshoeing with Emmitt…CynthiaWeber.com
 We couldn’t stop laughing… he was just too cute!
The property is set on a hill so the views are quite wonderful…
looking back at the barn… CynthiaWeber.com
The view from here…. CynthiaWeber.com
The little shed… CynthiaWeber.com
This shed needs some attention… but it is a lovely little marker sitting at the top of the pasture…
Barn love… CynthiaWeber.com
The winter has been long and cold but I must admit… it has been beautiful!!
Crisp, clean and the sunsets… out of this world.
To see the latest stop by my Instagram feed and follow along.
It really is my favourite way to share what is happening every day!
 Bannockburn 1878… CynthiaWeber.com

21 Feb

Life is a whirlwind… lots of changes coming!!

Bar being delivered… Cynthiaweber.com

I have lived long enough by now to recognize there is a natural ebb and flow to life…

Times when things seem to go slowly.

Where nothing is happening as fast as you want it to.

Faded Doorway through the eyes of Waterlogue CynthiaWeber.com

Then there are times when it feels like a whirlwind.

The air around you is whipping and teaming with activity…

it is hard to take a breath, things are changing so rapidly!!!

This is the way it has been for Kent and I lately.

In the last six months we have moved twice.

The first time from Hoop Top House to the cottage we rented

( because we had not found a house yet).



A few weeks after that move we drove in the lane at BannockBurn 1878 and asked Sabine if she would be interested in selling…

She said yes and we were moving again.


Welcome to BannockBurn… CynthiaWeber.com


We have so many projects we want to undertake at the house.

My list seems to be growing by the minute.

Kitchen reno, painting the living room, dining room and bedrooms…


Masonry work, a chicken coop…

A kitchen. ( I know I said that already but it is really really important.

I can’t go much longer with pink tiles… It is giving me a rash )

the kitchen at BannockBurn on moving day … CynthiaWeber.com


It won’t be like this much longer.

I pinky swear!!

Our work lives have also been a whirlwind.

As you may know we are in the middle of a wonderful restoration and redesigning project for The Little Inn of Bayfield.

It is proving to be the most creatively challenging and fulfilling project I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

It is also…


Exhausting! :)

In the best sense of the word!

Today I took delivery of the Bar for the Inn.

It is going to be stunning!

Bar being delivered… Cynthiaweber.com

The delivery truck from Chervin arrived and what they unloaded made my heart flutter with joy!

I know you would be happy if I shared more photos of the project.

I can assure you… it is hard to hold back…


I think it will be soooo much better to show the big reveal!

You know I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

I promise it will be worth the wait!

So the net net?

It is a very busy and interesting time in our lives right now.

There are some other exciting things coming too.

I am working with Erin from A Simple Photograph on redesigning and rebranding of our websites.

The new site will combine the design website, blog and the BannockBurn site.

How fantastic is that!

I am also committed to blogging more than I have been.

Trust me…

It is on the list…

Right under…

A Kitchen!!



P.S. Follow along on Instagram this week… I am going to share a few little sneak peeks of the Inn.


18 Feb

Dreaming of Blooms…Planning for the Gardens at BannockBurn 1878

Weddings at Bannockburn 1878 photos by Erin Samuell

This wintery weather has made my thoughts turn to gardening.

It has been so cold and stormy in and around Bayfield.

I keep plenty of blankets in the living room to cuddle up with and I plan..

Plan and dream…

Plot and scheme…

You see,

BannockBurn 1878… through waterlogue CynthiaWeber.com

Kent and I have big dreams for the gardens here at BannockBurn.

Gardens filled with vibrant colour, texture and fragrance.

A place to wander and gather blooms, herbs, summer veggies and the odd berry perhaps.

A romantic spot to sit and have a glass of wine…

Weddings at Bannockburn 1878 photos by Erin Samuell

Erin Samuell from A Simple Photograph had photographed a wedding here at the house a few years ago.

She has allowed me to share her beautiful images with you.

Her encouraging words about what a perfect wedding venue site it was got us thinking how lovely it would be to add even more special places on the grounds for photography.


Flowers at the front entrance of BannoackBurn 1878 CynthiaWeber.com


We already have many people interested in an outdoor wedding under the tree…

With it’s huge canopy and that amazing sweeping limb…

It is a perfect setting.


The Wedding Tree… our backyard at BannockBurn 1878 CynthiaWeber.com


Having lovely gardens on the other side of the house perhaps up against the bush would balance the grounds and add another layer to what we can offer.

My pinterest board Gardens is filled with wonderful ideas.

I am starting to form a plan and if things go well Kent and I will be in full garden mode this spring.

Would you be interested to see us share the progress here on the blog?

I think it might be fun!


Pink Mallow in the gardens at Hoop Top House… CynthiaWeber.com

In the meantime…

The seed catalogues are getting tattered pages from all our musings.

If we get half of what we are ordering planted we will have a bounty of produce and an abundance of blooms.

My vases will be filled and hopefully a bride & groom or two will wander through the pathways while being photographed here.

How wonderful!!!


The backyard at Bannockburn… CynthiaWeber.com

31 Jan

An Inside Peek, Our Exciting Re-Design for The Little Inn of Bayfield.

Little Inn

There comes a time during every design project when you can start to see things coming together.

All the hard work, careful planning and creative inspiration combine and you get glimpses of how it will look when it is finished.

I had several of those beautiful glimpses this week and it took my breath away!


Little Inn


The Little Inn has been a cornerstone in Bayfield for many generations.

Being part of the amazing team brought together to revitalize her has been a pleasure.

The stellar graphic design creatives from Chad Roberts Design gave us a taste of what is to come with the launch of the new website holding page yesterday.

I can not wait to see what the full site will look like.

It will launch when the Inn reopens.

And what is in store for your taste buds you ask…


The Inn Website teaser


I have been privy to the exciting culinary vision that is Chef Michael Potters as he designs truly mouthwatering menus for both the Willow Room and the new Taproom.

I have absolutely no doubt that he is creating the groundwork of superb destinations for anyone who loves food.

Master sommelier John Szabo is also on board…

Yes, I agree…


That gives you a peek into the new website and the exciting food program…

What about the interior design you ask…

Well, that is my department as you know.

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind.

On Jan. 2 the main Inn closed its doors and we began the renovation process ( the cottage property is still open to guests, for reservations call 1-800-565-1832 ).

Kent and I had been working in the background for months redoing two guest rooms on the Q.T. and making plans for the redesign of all public spaces but the heavy lifting of the project began on the 2nd.


getting ready for the renovations at The Little Inn of Bayfield Cyntiaweber.com


With help from Brittany, Cassidy and the rest of the staff of the Inn we cleared out and began to work.

I snapped a few pics that first day to remember where we started!


preparing for renovations at The Little Inn of Bayfield CynthiaWeber.com


This chimney and wall is gone now…

Unobstructed views from the parlour into the bar area have been created.

It is simply beautiful!

In removing the old bar flooring we made some fascinating discoveries!


Discoveries under the floorboards of The Little Inn of Bayfield CynthiaWeber.com


Some ironstone shards, a wonderful pipe by Henderson’s of Montreal and this adorable baby in a shoe.

We weren’t sure what the story of the shoe was so I did a little research…

Turns out it is a whistle given out at fairs!

removing wallpaper in the parlour of The Little Inn Bayfield CynthiaWeber.com

There is quite a bit of plaster work to be done.

We also found several layers of wallpaper under the wainscotting ( Don’t panic, we didn’t remove all the wainscotting! Just the portion between the bar doors where the wall was removed. ) This discovery did verify that the wainscotting was a later addition.

The best treasure for me has been the discovery of some original hand painted wallpaper. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to find that my chosen colour palette for the parlour was spot on with one of the historic incarnations of the Inn!!

Serendipity indeed!!

Thank you for all the wonderful emails, messages, comments on Instagram, FB etc.

It is fantastic how excited and involved you are with the process.

I can’t wait to share more with you.

To follow along for sneak peeks, insider snippets on Instagram and FB just click the links!



18 Jan

Creating Vintage Style Bathrooms… A Curated Board for Hometalk.

My Tips For Creating Vintage Style… CynthiaWeber.com




Many of you know that we are in the middle of a very big design project right now.

The redesign of the historic Little Inn of Bayfield.

It has been taking up most of my time and I have not been posting as often… sorry about that and thank you for all the support and understanding… you are wonderful!!

I have been posting sneak peeks and updates on Instagram and FB and will continue to do so over the next weeks.

That said…

I am happy to have had some time this weekend to write a post on Creating Vintage Style…

Rooms with vintage elements are charming and cheerful, they are fun spaces to spend time in.

The great people over at Hometalk saw the vintage inspired bathroom project we did for Jess & Brad and well…

They loved it!

How nice is that!


Vintage inspired Bathroom renovation CynthiaWeber.com


They asked me to curate a board filled with ideas and tips for creating a bathroom with vintage style and you know I was happy to oblige!

One of the ways I like to add a vintage feeling to any bathroom is with the wonderful line of fixtures from Kohler called Memoirs.

The pieces have a beautiful squared line accented by a lovely curved profile that has a traditional millwork feeling.


Mixed metals, gilt mirrors and salvaged shutters combine in this vintage glam bathroom reno project CynthiaWeber.com


Another trick I used in this bathroom to create vintage style was the addition of a pair of chippy faded shutters.

I just love them!

The faucets also are by Kohler. This line is called Fairfax and it works very well in this space married up with the existing tub faucet.

The board I created for Hometalk features some great vintage inspired ideas.

One of my favourites is a salvaged medical table painted glossy white.

The project is by Victoria Elizabeth Barnes… she has a wonderful blog by the way… if you haven’t been introduced to her you should pop over and check her out.

She is funny, creative and self deprecating… basically she is the kind of gal I would love to have a bottle of wine with and just listen to her tell stories.

Enough about Victoria… although I am just realizing she even has a vintage inspired name… Well, of course she does!

How about a list of tips & Tricks for creating Vintage Style…

A very “Pinable” list I hope! ;)


My Tips For Creating Vintage Style… CynthiaWeber.com


I promised Kent I would relax a bit today…

So, I think on that note I will…

Go cuddle on the couch with him.

Have a wonderful week and if you have a minute or two pop over to Hometalk and check out that board… I promise you will get lots of wonderful ideas to add vintage charm & style to your home!!